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Cuban singer Doris Lavin was Hailed by Cuban trumpeter Lazaro Herrera as one of the timeless soneras (singer) to sing salsa, putting her in company vaulted Such as Celia Cruz and La Lupe. After Establishing herself as an in-demand singer in Cuba, Lavin relocated to Italy in 1996, Which did nothing to lessen her busy touring schedule. She has Performed With Guillermo Rubalcaba, Felix Valoy, Patato Valdés, and the Joint Folklorico Nacional de Cuba. A self-titled debut album featuring Dagoberto Gonzalez and others.

Now release a new album ” El secreto del amor” available in cdbaby, It’s an album made under the musical direction of Ivan “Melon” Lewis. A disk of Cuban music with jazz influences and romantic. I leave two songs for consideration.

Thanks to Dj Siscu Cruces

      El Secreto Del Amor (2016) - Doris Lavin
      Esa Rumba es Mía (2016) - Doris Lavin


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