Aymee Nuviola “El Regreso a la Habana”

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Once upon a time, music fit neatly into well-defined sections at record stores. Genres like rock, pop, jazz, salsa, tango and classical all had their own artists, audiences and venues. Cuban music though, was always the exception to the rule. For generations, from Ernesto Lacuna to Israel López Cachao and beyond, top Cuban musicians have been able to toggle easily between styles. From the infectious rhythms of Mambo, Son, Guaracha and Charanga to heart wrenching down tempo genres like Bolero and Fílin, every major Cuban star from Beny Moré to Celia Cruz has prided themselves on this innately Cuban ability to create quality across many genres.

Aymée Nuviola, like Cuba itself, embodies that magical blend. Born into a family of musicians, some of her earliest memories are at the piano, working through melodies between lessons. Later, as she was receiving her classical training at Cuba’s top musical academy, she recalls her fascination with all kinds of music, from Debussy to Bossa Nova.

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In her latest production, “El Regreso a la Habana” Aimee pay tribute to Celia Cruz with 11 songs in this album, we highlight the themes Toro Mata, La Negra Tiene Tumbao who has as a guest rapper and songwriter Kat Dahlia, Bemba Colora.



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